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Totally going to start using this.

Week Two

I’m coming off being sick

and I don’t have a lot of creativity in me. So what did I do? What any good citizen of the Internet would do, I googled what to do and got some interesting Ideas.
   - Might need Honey B’s help with this one
Frisbee Tic-Tac-Toe
and Hiking and stuff
We still have to finish DBZ, although I’m stopping them after the Cell Games. Bu and GT NEVER HAPPENED!
Then I’m not sure If I want to start them on Digimon, Yugioh, or maybe Fruits Basket…
I did get them to watch Ponyo!

TK loved it
BlackStar…..not as much

Day Four: Lazy day

I successfully tuckered them out yesterday, however…in a weird chain of events, they’re tuckered out now. BlackStar is even trying to take a nap. this is a first.

Day Three: Pool!

I promise it went better than this picture implies. They kicked it in the pool and made a new friend. Me? Well…..

Day Two: Better.

I got a nap, they were good, we got garden work done, they had a fairly non-violent water fight. Tomorrow is Pool day!

Day one: I’mma bought to kick someone’s ass.

I’ve never had to deal with so much Sass in my life; and from TK too! I have no idea what got into him but justifyingly sat in time-out for two and a half hours.

Gaga don’t take Sass!

Summer is coming…

So the school year is officially over!!!!!!!!
The boys and I are looking at 4weeks (so far) for the summer and there is much to do.

Anime Watching
Sword Fighting
Maybe a dance party or two
WalMart Adventures


Arts and Crafts

And so is the return of Healthy Snack days! send me suggestions and other tumblrs if you’d be so kind!

And so is the return of Healthy Snack days! send me suggestions and other tumblrs if you’d be so kind!


I’ve officially lost count of how many times I’ve accidentally hit Roxy in the head.

It’s not like i”m trying to! She’ll literally run in front of you and the swiftly lay down in your path.

I speak Cat, and even I don’t understand this cat.


So the boys Dropped the D-bag word.

Now, Before you think ill of them, they and their mother were telling me a story. The Story goes that one of the teachers at the school was sick and had a substitute come in. That substitute wasn’t remotely close to being a good substitute, like, doing things that she and the school could get sued for. Eventually,  another teacher, who has tenure and is 2yrs. from retirement, comes into the class room to handle things, and in doing so called the Substitute a douchebag in front of the third grade class.

Niether of the boys know what the word means, but they know it’s a bad word. that, however, didn’t stop they from repeating it back and forth for a while.

Even Momboss was laughing.